The Book of First Peter – A Poem For Children


Author’s Note: Parents are commanded to diligently teach the Word of God to their children (Deut 6:7, Eph 6:4). Poetry is one way that God effectively communicates truth to His people (Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Lamentations). The following poem is intended to summarize the main themes of a biblical book to help children learn, internalize, and retain the truth of God’s Word.

Peter, Apostle of Jesus our Lord,
By the Spirit of God, I write you this word.

God chose you to be an exile on earth,
And He should be blessed for His gift of new birth.

We bless Him for trials that prove faith is real,
And for an inheritance no one can steal!

Be holy and love with reverent fear,
And hope in the grace to come when Christ appears.

We long for God’s Word by putting off sin,
So that we will taste the Lord’s goodness within!

We stand firm on Christ, the true Cornerstone,
Who called us from darkness to make us His own.

Exiles must suffer, submit, and do good,
Christ left an example to make sure we would.

Win over husbands with beauty inside,
And wives must be honored as co-heirs of life.

All who desire to be blessed in life,
Are called to bless others and not stir up strife.

A gentle defense of hope from the start,
Will show Christ is honored as Lord in your heart.

Since Jesus suffered on Calvary’s hill,
Forsake sinful passions and live for God’s will.

Speaking and serving are gifts from above,
Above all, stay earnestly rooted in love.

Don’t be surprised when a trial comes to test,
Because all who suffer for Christ will be blessed!

Qualified elders are given to guide,
Submit to them humbly, for God crushes pride.

Beware of Satan, who seeks to devour,
Trusting in God and His almighty power.

Peace to you all who are seeking His face,
Stand firm in these words God has given by grace.

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