BIG TRUTH | little book(lets)


With our line of BIG TRUTH | little book(lets), we aim to provide readers with very short treatments on important topics in the church. We have crafted these little booklets so that they are concise, easy to read, and even easier to hand out—but still rich with biblical truth.

Why Not Infant Baptism? | Derek Brown
It’s well-known that Baptists and Presbyterians disagree about baptism. What may not be so widely understood is that this disagreement goes deeper than the respective practices of two different denominations. Actually, this disagreement over baptism is rooted in two divergent interpretations of the New Covenant and its relation to the Old Covenant. In this brief booklet, Pastor Derek Brown will give the theological reasons why Baptists and Presbyterians disagree on baptism and demonstrate why a Baptist interpretation better accounts for the biblical teaching on this topic. Read the PDF for free here. Purchase a physical copy here.