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Our mission with Big Truth | little books® is to provide edifying, accessible literature for Christian readers from all walks of life. We understand that it is often difficult to find time to read good books. But we also understand that reading is a valuable means of spiritual growth. The answer? Get some really big truth into some little books. Every Little Book is only 5″x8″ and around 120 pages, but full of Scripture, theological reflection, and pastoral insight. Please take a few moments to look at our selection of books. We pray you will find something that might benefit you or someone you know.

A Biblical View of Trials | Cliff McManis – We live in a fallen world, and our lives are often beset with physical suffering, emotional difficulty, relational problems, and financial uncertainty. As Christians, our trouble in this world may even increase because of our relationship with Jesus Christ. In this volume, Cliff McManis applies over 20 years of pastoral experience and careful study of Scripture to help us persevere through trials in a way that glorifies God and is best for us. Read the PDF for free here. Purchase a physical copy here.

Faith: The Gift of God | Cliff McManis – What does an unbeliever need to be saved? Where does faith come from? Do Christians need to use complex philosophical arguments when sharing the gospel with their friends, neighbors, and co-workers? In this concise volume, Cliff McManis argues cogently and persuasively that, contrary to what many popular Christian apologists allege, Christians should focus their energy on explaining and proclaiming the gospel, for it is the word about Christ that produces faith in the heart—and faith is what unbelievers need to be brought into a right relationship with God. This little book will help free Christians to confidently share the gospel with those around them. Read the PDF for free here. Purchase a physical copy here.

How to Pray for Your Pastor | Derek Brown – Do you pray for your pastor? Perhaps a better question: Do you know how to pray for your pastor? In this book, Derek Brown helps you understand your pastor’s qualifications, responsibilities, and unique pressures so that you can pray effectively for those who shepherd your soul. You will be encouraged and challenged by this book to not only pray for your pastor, but to pray in a way that aligns with God’s Word and truly benefits your pastor’s family and ministry. Read the PDF for free here. Purchase a physical copy here.

What the Bible Says About Gray Areas | Cliff McManis – How do we make godly decisions on issues that are not specifically addressed in the Bible? Questions about holidays, movies, entertainment, even the specifics of church life can often burden Christians because they seem to preclude clear, straightforward answers. And because these questions usually include elements of personal preference, believers can find themselves looking down on Christian brothers and sisters who hold different opinions. In this book, Cliff McManis helps us navigate these tough questions. Drawing from Romans 14, McManis provides us with the principles necessary to make decisions on the “gray areas” of life and maintain unity among our church family. Read the PDF for free here. Purchase a physical copy here.

The Problem of Evil | Cliff McManis – How can we reconcile the goodness and power of God with the existence of moral and natural evil? For centuries the problem of evil has posed a significant challenge to Christian apologists, and unbelievers often make the problem of evil one of the main reasons for why they reject the Christian faith. So how does the ordinary, everyday Christian approach this issue? Do we justify the existence of evil with rigorous logical and philosophical argument? Or does the Bible give us sufficient resources with which to solve the problem of evil? With sharp exegesis and a careful examination of several popular approaches to this issue, Dr. McManis takes us deep into Scripture where we find clear answers for why evil exists and what God has done to solve the problem of evil once and for all. Read the PDF for free here. Purchase a physical copy here.

What the Bible Says About Government | Cliff McManis – Ever since the Church’s inception 2000 years ago, Christians have wrestled with how to think about, relate to, and submit to the government. Answers to these important questions have ranged across a broad spectrum, with Christians often disagreeing with each other in significant ways. In this book, Cliff McManis looks to Scripture to help us think clearly about issues related to government, politics, and the Christian’s involvement in both. By establishing his discussion first and foremost in the Bible, McManis provides common theological ground for all Christians to discuss and reflect upon these vital issues. Read the PDF for free here. Purchase a physical copy here.

God Defines and Defends Marriage | Cliff McManis – In June 2015 in case of Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in a 5-4 decision that marriage between same-sex couples is a right guaranteed by the Constitution. In this unprecedented legal decision, five Supreme Court justices effectively redefined the time-honored institution of marriage for all Americans. But how should the Church respond to this recent earth-shaking event? By placing this recent judicial ruling in its historical-political context and examining it light of Scripture, Dr. Cliff McManis helps Christians respond to their nation and their neighbor with Christlike conviction and compassion. Read the PDF for free here. Purchase a physical copy here.

Protecting the Flock: The Priority of Church Membership | Cliff McManis – Is church membership a biblical concept? If so, what are the benefits of church membership? Should I become a member of a local congregation? In this installment in the Big Truth little book® series, Cliff McManis applies over twenty-five years of study and pastoral ministry experience to answering these important questions. You will be encouraged to consider membership for the first time or to renew your appreciation for the essential role the local church plays in your walk with Christ. Read the PDF for free here. Purchase a physical copy here.

Educating Your Child: Public, Private, or Homeschool? A Biblical Perspective | Cliff McManis – Education has become a controversial topic among Christian parents. What many of us don’t know, however, is that it doesn’t have to be. In this book, Cliff McManis draws from a careful study of Scripture and his experience as an educator, parent, and pastor to help Christian parents navigate this difficult yet highly important topic. McManis not only discusses the biblical foundations for childhood education, he also examines the pros and cons of each schooling option (public, private, or homeschool) so that you can make a wise, biblically-informed decision about how to educate your child. Read the PDF for free here. Purchase a physical copy here.

What the Bible Says About Depression | Cliff McManis – How should we define depression? Do Christians struggle with depression? Is depression in the Bible? Is there a cure for depression? How do I minister to those who are struggling with depression? These are crucial questions, but the current debate among evangelicals over the topic of depression has left many wondering if there are any clear answers. In this book, Pastor Cliff McManis surveys the contemporary discussion on this difficult subject, exposes several common myths about depression, and provides readers with much encouraging counsel from Scripture. Whether you are currently wrestling with depression or ministering to those who are, you will find much help in this book. Read the PDF for free here. Purchase a physical copy here.

What the Bible Says About Confrontation | Cliff McManis – Conflict. It’s unavoidable. So, how do we deal with it? For Christians, the Bible offers a wealth of wisdom to help us navigate the often difficult terrain of interpersonal conflict. While avoidance may seem like an easier route at times, the answer to our relational problems not fearful evasion but courageous confrontation. In this book, Cliff McManis draws from Scripture and over three decades of pastoral experience in order to encourage Christians to practice the spiritual discipline of holy confrontation. Conducted patiently, honestly, and lovingly, biblical confrontation will often be the primary means to mending broken relationships in the home and promoting genuine unity in the local church. Read the PDF for free here. Purchase a physical copy here.

Fellowship with God: A Guide to Bible Reading, Meditation, and Prayer | Derek Brown – Spirit-empowered discipline is essential for our growth in grace. Yet, some of us are easily overwhelmed at the thought of maintaining regular spiritual disciplines. In this book, Derek Brown helps us re-focus our attention on three basic disciplines: Bible reading, meditation, and prayer. Among the spiritual disciplines we can practice, these are the three that feed and direct all the others. Rooting his discussion in Scripture, Brown also provides several practical aids to help you cultivate consistent fellowship with God. Read the PDF for free here. Purchase a physical copy here.

What the Bible Says About Hospitality | Cliff McManis – What is hospitality? Are all Christians called to be hospitable, or is this a spiritual gift that only a few possess? What are some practical ways that Christians can grow in their ministry of hospitality? Pastor Cliff McManis answers these and many other questions related to this important yet often overlooked aspect of Christian living. With careful attention to Scripture as well as relevant practical concerns, McManis develops a well-grounded theology of Christian hospitality. Read the PDF for free here. Purchase a physical copy here.

The Danger of Hypocrisy: Coming to Grips with Jesus’ Most Damning Sermon | J.R. Cuevas – No sin is more dangerous to God’s people than the sin of hypocrisy. Yet, as dangerous as it is, hypocrisy often goes undetected in the life of the church. With pastoral care and close attention to Scripture, J.R. Cuevas helps uproot this lethal sin by taking us through Christ’s public denunciation of the scribes and Pharisees in Matthew 23. By listening carefully to Christ’s words, you will learn to recognize the marks and effects of hypocrisy and, by God’s grace, successfully apply gospel remedies to this deadly spiritual disease. Read the PDF for free here. Purchase a physical copy here.

Solomon’s Great Commission: A Theology of Earthly Life | Derek Brown – After years of attempting to find ultimate meaning and satisfaction in the things of this life, King Solomon drew a surprising, even unexpected, conclusion: God has given earthly life to his people as a gift, and he intends for them to enjoy it. In this book, Derek Brown follows Solomon through Ecclesiastes, focusing on the old king’s exhortation to live with zest and to enjoy life’s legitimate pleasures. While not dismissing pain, suffering, sin, and the realities of our fallen existence, Solomon draws us back to the goodness of creation and commands—yes, commands—us to enjoy life. This is not a call for unrestrained indulgence, but for gospel-saturated, glad-hearted acceptance of God’s gift of earthly life. Read the PDF for free here. Purchase a physical copy here.

What the Bible Says About the Future | Colin Eakin – What is God’s purpose in creation? Is Israel significant? Why does the world seem to be going from bad to worse? Are we living in the last days? What is meant by the Rapture, the Tribulation, and the Second Coming of Christ? Will truth and justice ever reign on this earth? Will evil ever be judged? Is there a hell? What is the New Heaven and the New Earth? Explore God’s answers in His Word to these questions and more in What the Bible Says About the Future. Read the PDF for free here. Purchase a physical copy here.

The Parable of Sports | J. R. Cuevas – What does our Christian life have to do with sports? Quite a bit, as it turns out. In this book, pastor and author J. R. Cuevas helps Christian men and women see how God has designed sports to illustrate biblical truth, develop Christian character, and much more. In short, concise chapters filled with biblical truth and memorable stories, Cuevas shows us how athletic competition can be an arena for discipleship and a metaphor of the Christian life. Read the PDF for free here. Purchase a physical copy here.

What the Bible Says About Retirement | Derek Brown and Cliff McManis – What are you looking forward to in your retirement? No more work? More time to chase your favorite hobbies? Greater space in your schedule for leisure and recreation? If these are the primary reasons you are excited to get to your mid-sixties, you aren’t much different than a lot of Americans. For many, retirement is a well-deserved reward for forty years of hard work—a couple of decades of relative ease and relaxation. But is this how Christians should view retirement? In this book, pastors Derek Brown and Cliff McManis explore what Scripture teaches about retirement and contrast the biblical vision to the modern ideal. In these pages you will find both exhortation and encouragement to make the most of your latter years for the glory of God and the good of the church. Read the PDF for free here. Purchase a physical copy here.