Make the Most of Your Spare Time

by Derek Brown

When we have plenty to do, we tend to make good use of our time because we have no other choice. Pressing obligations from work, family, and church usually keep us from squandering too much of our time. But the integrity of our stewardship is truly tested in what we do with our spare time. Consider these words from John MacArthur’s The Book on Leadership

When you have time for rest and relaxation, do things that feed your soul rather than your carnal appetites. Listen to tapes of good preaching. Find music that uplifts and ennobles, rather than fills your mind with vanity and foolishness. Read a good book. Develop a hobby that has real value.  Have an edifying conversation with someone you love.

The Book on Leadership

This is a key component of true godliness. Give your private life to God. Devote yourself especially in your leisure time to the task of cultivating humility, holiness, and the fear of God.

So godliness is proven in the use of our “off” hours. Are we using that time to cultivate holiness and spiritual-mindedness? 

Now, I have nothing against good entertainment. In fact, I find a quality movie to be especially relaxing. But here are a few things we could engage in rather than defaulting to Netflix and YouTube: 

1. Read a book
2. Write a letter
3. Housework/Yardwork
4. Journal
5. Read Scripture
6. Pray
7. Talk to our wives/husbands
8. Exercise
9. Go outside for a walk or hike
10. Call a friend or family member
11. Listen to an edifying Podcast, sermon, or lecture
12. Build something useful
13. Organize your work/living space
14. Go to bed earlier to catch up on sleep
15. Engage in a refreshing, productive hobby

None of these are biblical commandments; they are merely suggestions to help you think about how you might best use your time. Remember, God has not given us time to kill; he has given us time to redeem (Eph 5:15-16).

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