WithAllWisdom.org Will Always Be Ad-Free


Visit any major news outlet or blog site, and it is likely that you will find much more than that article on homemade muffins you were searching for. Ads along sidebars or slotted between paragraphs in the body of an article’s text will likely feature prominently in your web-browser. Often, these ads are so ubiquitous and eye-catching that it is challenging to make your way through the entire article without distraction and succumbing to click-bait. Other sites remove ads after you’ve joined their reading community with a paid subscription, while others keep a goodly portion of their resources behind a pay-wall, leaving you with just a couple of introductory paragraphs and a soul longing for more.

We understand the need for these ads and paid subscriptions. There’s no such thing, Milton Freedman has noted, as a free lunch. News outlets and bloggers need financial resources to maintain their sites and pay their writers. Nor are we against the idea of people and companies making a profit from their online work. Such are the benefits of a free-market.

Nevertheless, by God’s grace we have been able to structure our online magazine in such a way so that we remove any distractions from what matters most: our readers engaging and enjoying the truth. WithAllWisdom.org and our book-publishing arm, With All Wisdom Publications exist to help Christians apply biblical truth to their everyday life. When unnecessary distractions can be removed from this aim, we remove them.

We are grateful for our readers, and we pray that you’ve benefited from the resources we provide on this site. We are committed to keeping our site ad-free so that your experience here is one of spiritual blessing instead of worldly distraction.