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by Editors

Dear Readers,

Thank you for taking the time to visit, read our articles, and listen to our podcasts. As many of you already know, we also publish books. Our aim in all that we do—including book publishing—is to help Christians from all walks of life make progress in their walk with Jesus Christ (Phil 1:25).

Over the last seven years, we have published twenty-seven books on a variety of topics with the aim of providing biblically-driven edification, encouragement, and practical resources that will aid readers in their spiritual growth. Although we have made each of our books available for purchase, we believe that access to the biblical truths in these works should not be limited to audiences with the funds necessary to purchase physical copies. Therefore, we have recently made nearly all of our books available as PDFs on our website so that you can read them for free on your tablet or e-reader.

To access free PDFs of our books, go here and select Big Truth | little books® (accessible Christian literature on a variety of topics), The Equip Series (substantive books for the Christian layperson), or Foundations (scholarship for the church). Links to free PDFs as well as links to where you can purchase physical copies are in the description of each book. We will continue to provide free PDFs of our books as they are published so that our readers may be continually blessed with substantive biblical resources at no cost.

Thank you for reading,

The Editors

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