Great Quotes from Justification Vindicated by Robert Traill

by Editors

Robert Traill, Justification Vindicated (1692). Reprint. Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth, 2002.

This Reformed Teaching of Justification by Faith: “That a law-condemned sinner is freely justified by God’s grace, through the redemption that is in Jesus Christ; that he is justified only for the righteousness of Christ imputed to him by God of his free grace, and received by faith alone as an instrument, which faith is the gift of the same grace” (9).

Justification and Holiness: “This faith, we teach, purifies the heart, and always inclines to holiness of life. Neither do we hold any faith to be true and saving, that does not show itself by good works; without which no man is or can be justified, either in his own conscience or before men” (13).

Don’t Wait to be Qualified for Christ: “Shall we tell men that unless they are holy they must not believe in Christ? That they must not venture on Christ for salvation till they are qualified and fit to be received and welcomed by him? This would be to forbear preaching the gospel at all, or to forbid all men to believe on Christ. For never was a sinner qualified for Christ. He is well qualified for us (1 Cor 1:30) (20).

What Should We Tell the Sinner? “Tell him of Christ’s ability and goodwill to save; that no man was ever rejected by him who cast himself upon him; that desperate cases are glorious triumphs in his art of saving” (28).

How Paul Uses Grace to Prevent the Abuse of Grace: “How does Paul prevent [the abuse of grace]? Is it by extenuating what he has just said (Rom 5:20), that grace abounded much more where sin had abounded? Is it by mincing grace smaller so that men may not choke upon it or have too much of it? Is it by mixing something of the law with it, to make it more wholesome? No, but only by plainly asserting the power and influence of this grace, whatever it really is, as he does at length in [Romans chapter 6]” (41).

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