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Thank you for taking the time to visit, read our articles, and listen to our podcasts. As many of you already know, we also publish books. Our aim in all that we do—including book publishing—is to help Christians from all walks of life make progress in their walk with Jesus Christ (Phil 1:25).

We are delighted to announce the release of With All Wisdom Publications‘ latest book in our Equip series, Deacons: Clarifying the Biblical Role by Pastor J. Robert Douglas.

Through the Holy Spirit, the apostles in Acts 6 and 1 Timothy 3 provided the leadership structure for Christ’s church. This structure consists of two offices: elders, the church’s spiritual-leaders, and deacons, the church’s servant-leaders. Two offices, two directives, one purpose: to proclaim the Word of God and build the church. Sadly, over the last two thousand years of church history, man’s wisdom has often supplanted Christ’s Word, producing a variety of faulty interpretations of Scripture that attempt to change the number of leadership offices in the church, diminish leadership qualifications, and modify the purpose of leadership positions. Today, the elegant, efficient, and effective church structure given by Christ is either diminished or no longer present in many local churches and denominations. Confusion reigns.

The confusion is seen particularly in the office of deacon with much disagreement existing among scholars, Bible commentators, and pastors as to the purpose of the deacon office, the qualifications for becoming a deacon, or how the selection process should be conducted. In Deacons: Clarifying the Biblical Role, pastor Douglas cuts through the chaos to bring clarity from Scripture for this essential role in the church.

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