Check Out Our Newest Booklet, ‘Keep the Faith’


Dear Readers,

Thank you for taking the time to visit, read our articles, and listen to our podcasts. As many of you already know, we also publish books. Our aim in all that we do—including book publishing—is to help Christians from all walks of life make progress in their walk with Jesus Christ (Phil 1:25).

We are delighted to announce the release of With All Wisdom Publications‘ latest little booklet, Keep the Faith: The Importance of Finding Christian Fellowship in College by Pastor Derek Brown.

College is an exhilarating and challenging time for Christian students. Remaining faithful to Christ is essential, but not easy. How can Christian college students make the most of their post-secondary experience while abiding in the Lord Jesus? In this booklet, pastor Derek Brown explains that a commitment to the local church is vital for a Christian student’s perseverance in the faith. Brown also argues that cultivating a love for the local church will help Christian students develop patterns of life-long faithfulness to Christ after they graduate.

You can also check out our other books as well. In addition to selling hard copies, we have provided the PDFs of most of our books here on the website so that you can read them for free on your tablet or e-reader.

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