Children’s Church Curriculum – That You May Believe: Week 5


Editor’s Note: This curriculum is built on the Bible’s own promise-fulfillment pattern and is designed to be used in a Sunday School/Children’s Church format. The Sunday School lesson provides the Old Testament background for the Children’s Church lesson in the Gospel of John.

The goal of this week’s lesson is to help the children understand the serious power that death has over sinners. After the Fall, death was the new normal for humans made in the image of God. Thankfully, God promised that one day a Savior would come to defeat the curse of sin and death. This week’s lesson culminates in the Person of the Lord Jesus, who has power over death. When the religious leaders asked Jesus for a sign that showed them His authority to cleanse the Temple, to their request for a sign by promising that He would rise from the dead after three days by His own power. If sinners want to live, they need a Savior who has power over their greatest enemy — death.

Sunday school teachers should emphasize the first half of the main idea in an interactive way for 20 minutes, and explain the second half clearly without much interaction as a conclusion for 5 minutes. Children’s church teachers should explain the first half without much interaction for 5 minutes as an introduction and emphasize the second half in an interactive way for 20 minutes.

You can access the lesson by clicking here.

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