The Book of First John – A Poem for Children


Author’s Note: Parents are commanded to diligently teach the Word of God to their children (Deut 6:7, Eph 6:4). Poetry is one way that God effectively communicates truth to His people (Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Lamentations). The following poem is intended to summarize the main themes of a biblical book to help children learn, internalize, and retain the truth of God’s Word.

That which we’ve seen and we’ve heard — we repeat —
And write to you so that our joy is complete.

The message we preach, that gave us our sight,
Our Father is perfect because He is light.

Some walk in darkness, yet claim He’s within,
True children confess and are cleansed from all sin.

Jesus the righteous appeases God’s wrath,
For all who love Him and will follow His path.

Love for your brother will help you abide,
And overcome Satan, the author of pride.

Don’t love the world, it is passing away,
The ones who remain are the ones who obey.

Liars among you are sure to depart,
Their actions reveal they weren’t true from the start.

Look at the Father’s great love you’ve received,
Adopted as sons at the time you believed.

Practicing righteousness, you will do well,
Those practicing sin are the children of hell.

Love one another in truth and in deed,
And open your heart to a brother in need.

Test every spirit to see if they’re true,
For no one is greater than Him who’s in you.

In this is love, that the Son of God came,
To die for our sin and to carry our shame.

By grace we embrace God’s sovereign call,
And testify Christ is the Savior of all.

God is love! He perfects all who draw near,
Our punishment paid so that we will not fear.

The ones who believe have been made alive,
The burden relieved so obedience thrives.

Steer clear of idols and all evil strife,
Stay rooted in faith and the gift of true life.

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