Children’s Church Curriculum – That You May Believe: Week 14


Editor’s Note: This curriculum is built on the Bible’s own promise-fulfillment pattern and is designed to be used in a Sunday School/Children’s Church format. The Sunday School lesson provides the Old Testament background for the Children’s Church lesson in the Gospel of John.

The goal of this week’s lesson is show the children that even though Israel was graciously sustained on bread from God in the wilderness, they all eventually died! It is true that the manna was a gift from God, but because of their sinful hearts, seen in their constant complaining against God, physical bread was not enough to save them from death. They were in need of better bread. This week’s lesson culminates in the Person of the Lord Jesus, who is the bread of life, the living bread come down from heaven to save! Jesus points out that their ancestors ate the manna in the wilderness and died, but that anyone who eats the bread from heaven will never die.

You can access the lesson by clicking here.

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