Children’s Church Curriculum – That You May Believe: Week 15

by Austin Thompson

Editor’s Note: This curriculum is built on the Bible’s own promise-fulfillment pattern and is designed to be used in a Sunday School/Children’s Church format. The Sunday School lesson provides the Old Testament background for the Children’s Church lesson in the Gospel of John.

The goal of this week’s lesson is teach the children about God’s promised Prophet. Just before God’s people were led into the promised land, in Moses’ final days as God’s leader over Israel, Moses promised that God would raise up a Prophet after him for Israel. When this Prophet came, Israel would be required to listen to Him. This week’s lesson culminates in the Person of the Lord Jesus, who is the promised Prophet. During the feast of Tabernacles, Jesus reveals that His message comes directly from God who sent Him. This even causes some of the people to wonder if Jesus is the Prophet that they have been waiting for, which He certainly is. Therefore, if a person wants to experience God’s provision of satisfaction for the soul, they must come to the Prophet — the Messiah, the Son of Man — to receive it.

You can access the lesson by clicking here.

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