Great Quotes from God is My Strength by Patricia A. Ennis


Patricia A. Ennis, God is My Strength: Fifty Biblical Responses to Issues Facing Women Today (Scotland, UK: Christian Focus Publications, 2015).

On Friendship: Are You a Trustworthy Friend?
“Be trustworthy; the first quality of the wise woman (Prov 31:11-12) is that she ‘does good, not harm.’ While placed in the context of the marriage relationship, the principle is the same for all relationships—you are to do all that is in your power to improve the person’s life, seek to help her develop her potential to the fullest, and not compete, but assist the person in doing the work and will of God” (10).

On God: Do You Embrace God’s Special Instruction to Women?
“If you embrace the popular teaching that God’s special instructions to women are not relevant in the twenty-first century, then you do not believe in the immutability of God. God’s word commands us to be ‘doers of the word, and not merely hearers who deceive themselves’ (James 1:22)” (35).

On Myself: Is Your Reflex Reaction to Choose Forgiveness?
“When our sinful reactions collide with another’s, anger often results. Anger breeds an unforgiving spirit and damages relationships. To avoid that heartache, Ephesians 4:26 calls us to deal with broken relationships before we lay our heads on the pillow at night” (68).

On the Home: Are You Practicing Biblical Hospitality?
“As we study the scriptural passages that challenge us to practice hospitality most of us can reflect on a time when we tried to extend friendship to others and were met with rejection. If you are like me, Satan can use that rejection as a roadblock to prevent me from obeying my heavenly Father on future occasions. Paul teaches us that he moved toward his heavenly Father’s will for his life—that of Christlikeness. He refused to dwell on the past or to drink of the cup of self-pity but, rather, kept climbing higher toward his goal of Christlikeness all the days of his life. If we are to cultivate a heart of biblical hospitality we must refuse to rely on past virtuous deeds and achievements or to dwell on sins and failures” (159).

On the World: Are You Cultivating a World View?
“If you are up to date with current events then you avoid the how-ignorant-and-uninformed-I-am syndrome. As an informed person you stimulate your mind by keeping your heart and eyes open to the multifaceted dimensions of life that arouse your interest, delight your soul and provide opportunity for ministry” (177).

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